How We Can Defend You

With more than a quarter century of experience, Nunley & Associates focuses exclusively on the criminal defense of clients charged with state, federal, or military crimes.

Attorneys at Nunley & Associates have experience from more than 1,000 jury trials. They have participated in more than 11,000 cases in total, including some of the highest profile cases – murder, sex offenses, drug trafficking, corruption, and other felonies – in recent North Carolina history.

The firm handles all manner of criminal cases, from the simplest misdemeanor offense to the most serious state and federal felony charges. The firm understands that whether its clients are facing a Driving While Impaired (DWI) or misdemeanor drug charge, or accusations of serious violent offenses, the consequences of a criminal conviction are life-changing.

Aggressive Criminal Defense

Founded by Robert E. Nunley, a former Marine Corps Judge, Nunley & Associates stands ready to defend you against prosecutors – whether they are District Attorneys or federal United States Attorneys – who seek to deprive you of your freedom and your liberty.

Reasonable Fees, Excellent Service

Visa Mastercard DiscoveryThe accusation that you or a loved one has committed a crime is serious, indeed. Affording a criminal lawyer is another strain during an already stressful time. Nunley & Associates offers high quality representation in North Carolina, at affordable fees.

In addition, we strive to make these fees affordable by offering a variety of payment methods, including accepting major credit cards. In addition, upon request, we will discuss payment plans that ensure that you can pay legal fees, while honoring your other financial obligations.

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